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Zach Carlin

Zach Carlin

Can you support me in raising money for Jonathan's Walk4Friendship, an annual walk that raises crucial funds and community awareness for Friendship Circle and children with special needs.

Just a few years ago, while in High School, I volunteered at the Friendship Circle! I know most people think that volunteers like me are changing lives, but the truth is that it is my life that was changed.

These kids don't care about what brand of clothing I am wearing or what music I listen too. They love and accept me because I am a friend to them- simple as that. I have so much to learn from my special friend.

Help me give back to an organization that has given me so much. Please make a donation & sponsor my walk!

Would you please help me reach my goal?

You will do a great deed for some truly great kids!

Your participation would really mean a lot to me, personally, but more importantly, it will mean a world to many kids in our community who benefit from our friendship and support.

Thank you so much!



raised of $2,000 goal
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