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Be My "Friendship Circle" Buddy

Diana Nashban

Diana Nashban

Friendship Circle brings together Special Needs children and high school student volunteers. They become buddies and share in various activities throughout the year. Lasting friendships evolve, differences melt away, and unique bonds develop. I have been a long supporter of Friendship Circle, and I am asking you to join me by giving a donation to this very worthwhile organization. Your financial support will help continue the programming so vital for this exrtraordinary group. I thank you so much for doing this mitzvah!!


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. MOMartha O'Connor
Good luck Diana, sorry for the delay,
2. NTNina Targovnik
3. ?Anonymous
All the best!
4. CLCharlotte And Norwin Landay
In Honor of my Granddaughter Sophia!! And for all the great things Diana does!!!
5. JSJan Sandberg
Go, sis!
6. DYDevorah Young
For my mom, a teacher in the classroom and in life