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Maddie Peller

Maddie Peller

My name is Maddie, I am a volunteer at Friendship Circle of Arizona where children with special needs from all over the city come to experience the joy of friendship.

Through my volunteering I have truly seen a change in my special friend, watching her enthusiasm and happiness. More than that, it has made an incredible impact on my life and taught me the importance of sensitivity, love, commitment and the difference friendship can make.

Jonathan's Walk is the annual community walk that raises crucial funds and community awareness for Friendship Circle and children with special needs. Please join me in supporting Jonathan's Walk on Sunday, October 29th.

Invest in inclusion by clicking the link below and supporting my team with a tax-deductible contribution.

I invite you to walk with me, and hundreds in the community, as we walk for friendship and inclusion!

Thank you for investing in friendship!


PS – Contributions to Jonathan's Walk are tax-deductible. Any amount is appreciated. Please know how grateful I am for your support in the work that I do with the Friendship Circle


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