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Team Mark

Team Mark

As you may know, Mark has special needs and has benefited incredibly from the Friendship Circle throughout the years.

We have seen other children with special needs benefit greatly as well. Through Friendship Circle's programs like Sunday Circle, Friends@Home, Winter and Summer Camp and Birthday Bashes have likewise introduced a whole new dimension of joy and connection to the lives of children with special needs and their families. Our family can attest to that!

Jonathan's Walk is the annual community walk that raises crucial funds and community awareness for Friendship Circle and children with special needs. Please join us in supporting Jonathan's Walk on January 26th.

We invite you to walk with us, and hundreds in the community, as we walk for friendship and inclusion!

You can participate by clicking the Donate link. Simply follow the directions, and you will ensure that our every step helps bring a smile to the face of some very special children in our community!

Your participation would mean the world to us!

Team Mark

PS – Contributions to Friendship Circle are tax-deductible. Any amount is appreciated. Please know how grateful we are for you belief in the work of Friendship Circle!

Mark Wallen
    Richard Ross


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