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The Team Page for the "FRIENDS of MELODY"

Friends Of Melody

Friends of Melody

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get!

Friendship Circle is a very special organization that provides programming for children with special needs.

Every year Friendship Circle has an annual walk in which it raises funds and community awareness so that they can continue to provide such amazing programs.

This year (as in previous years) many of our friends and relatives -- including some of Melody's friends from Gesher Disability Resources -- will be helping us to support Janoathan's Walk, by walking with us, or by making a donation. (OR ... BOTH!)

Please consider doing that, either as part of this team... or some other way.

You can REGISTER to participate in the walk, or DONATE to the fund-raising effort, or both ... by clicking on something on this web site.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please feel free to call Melody's father, Mike Schwartz. If you don't have his number, you can send a message via LinkedIn or Facebook, or via email to ... or via smoke signals.

Thank you a lot, for your support!
- Friends of Melody
Bonni Schwartz
    Harry Maron


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